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Daily checkin voor urenregistratie op lokatie

Check-in from different locations

With ONDURO you can easily check-in from various locations. When an employee checks in, this data will automatically be linked to the scheduled shift.

How does it work?

What does checkin / checkout get me?

  • Overview of all checked-in employees
  • Employees can easily check in via the ONDURO app.
  • Linked to scheduled shift and time registration
Onduro richten we op jouw personeelsplanning in

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    Realtime klokken en urenregistratie op lokatie



    You can schedule the employee according to the schedule. When you have activated the check-in module, this button will immediately become visible to the employee. Because the check-in module is connected with the planning, you can quickly regulate the time registration and compare it with the planned hours.



    ONDURO also has an app. This makes checking in and out of a shift easy. Today’s employees almost always have a mobile phone with them.

    Urenregistratie direct in de eigen app


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